Fight Club is where around 30 ‘average joes’ commit and dedicate themselves in a 10-week training challenge.  We guarantee all Contenders will be at a level where they will have their first official amateur fight. We will transform you from chumps to champs!

April 12th

Ever wondered what it's like to jump in a ring for the first time in front of your mates?

We will take you from CHUMP to CHAMP in 10 weeks and have you feeling physically and mentally fitter than you ever have before.

Fight Club has been running for 11 years and offers you world-renowned boxers as your personal coaches. YOU will be ready for your first amateur fight in just 10 weeks.

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For ten weeks, you’ll be immersed in a personal development program like no other. You’ll learn to take control of your experience of life while emphasizing growth and joy in the process. You’ll be taken under the wing by professional boxers and world-class trainers whom's knowledge has taken them across the world from 22 incredible life and business coaches.

The final fight night will be held as a corporate event at one of the largest Clubs within the Sutherland Shire. Each Contender will have the opportunity to impress their family and friends. Having the opportunity to show your education and hard work you've dedicated over the 10 weeks of training, ensures you'll have memories that last forever.

Having your first amateur fight will be one of your highest accomplishments ever!!